A Day in the Life of a SWVGS Student

Southwest Virginia Governor's School students, commonly referred to as SWVGS students, spend each day not only learning more about the world around them but themselves. SWVGS takes places each morning for a brief but jam-packed three hours. As students we are given the opportunity to take classes that offer real world examples and problems. Unlike the common conception, many of us are able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities from football to MACC. Everyone at SWVGS approaches their work load differently; however, the adjustment to a more rigorous, indepth course load prepares each person for higher education. Attending SWVGS provides an enhanced understanding of what time management and studying really mean. During the day whether it be the morning bus ride or the few minutes before practice we learn to use our time wisely and prepare for tomorrow. The students that we encounter during our morning at SWVGS are eager to learn and the best from their area. The day in the life of a SWVGS student can become chaotic, but the instructors and faculty each go above and beyond expectation to assist students with homework, science fair and additional instruction. Our days at SWVGS prepare us for the future no matter what path we plan to take.

I attended Southwest Virginia Governor's School and it changed my life for the better. Being in a environment where education is encouraged and appreciated makes a world of difference. I made some of my best friends at governor's school because I was able to meet people with interests similar to mine in regards to life goals. The teachers at this school are incredibly dedicated and care about students' futures. I would hate to see this school crumble because of a lack of funding. It would be robbing advanced students of a better high school experience.

I attended the Southwest Virginia Governor's School and firmly believe the program is beneficial for preparing students for college level education. I consider the decision to attend one of the most important of my high school career.

The Governor's school challenged me to think critically. I learned so much including skills beyond the curricula. This school celebrates hard work and discourages mediocrity. I feel blessed to have been a part of it.

I attended the Southwest Virginia Governor's School in Pulaski, VA and graduated out of the program and my high school in 2014. I would not be the same person I am today without the opportunity I had through the Governor's school. I learned how to critically analyze the world around me and use my education, knowledge, and innovation to further the field of science and to improve aspects of life. SWVGS classes were the first classes that did not bore me. They covered an extensive range of topics taught by teachers who were passionate about the material at hand. I wish I could have spent much more time in the Governor's school, so I would hate to see other students lose the opportunity I had.

As a 1995 graduate of SWVGS, I cannot overstate how important the Governor's School experience has been in my life. SWVGS helped prepare me for the rigors of Virginia Tech's engineering program and played a critical role in my eventual success professionally.

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